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Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs

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No matter what the occasion, whether for a birthday, Valentine's Day or just to surprise your best friend, this very personal cup will surely put a smile on everyone's face!

The cup holds about 270ml.

You can choose one color for the letter and one color for the whole name. Of course, you can also design everything in one color.

Is your color not included? No problem! Feel free to write to us!

Optionally, the matching cork coaster can be enclosed. The illustration contains this coaster, which is not automatically part of every order, but can be ordered.

On the outer bottom of the cup we stick a heart, so that your counterpart is also conjured up a smile on the face when drinking.

The cups are glued by us with great care and love with high-quality vinyl film. Therefore, we do not recommend washing them in the dishwasher or placing them in the microwave. Rinse them carefully by hand and let them air dry. Then you have long friends at your great personalized cup and your colleagues will admire you day after day.

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